Editing Services and Commission Work

While my focus is predominantly on my own writing projects, I do occasionally take on projects for others that I feel passionate about and I believe are a good fit for my skills. Here’s a few extra details in case you’re interested in hiring my services:

Editing Work

I work with authors to improve their story structure and writing style, otherwise known as content editing and copyediting respectively.

Consider hiring me if you are looking for:

  • Advice on how to revise and strengthen the completed first or second draft of a manuscript
  • Suggestions for how to refine your voice or otherwise improve your writing style
  • Guidance on how to flesh out your characters and their relationships with each other
  • Guidance on how to strengthen your plotting

There are some editing projects I do not work on. Please do not query me about:

  • Incomplete first drafts
  • Proofreading
  • Ghost writing
  • Research assistance

I’m passionate about empathetic characters, a clear consistent voice, and effective narrative storytelling. I prefer working on fantasy and science fiction novels, but I will consider works in other genres that interest me. Send me an e-mail at lindsay@lindsayschopfer.com with the subject “Editing Query” if you want to seek my help with your current writing project.

You can also check out my Writing Coaching Patreon Page for writing tips and a monthly critique draw

Writing Coaching Patreon Page

Short Story Commissions

I am happy to work on certain types of short stories via commission. Examples of short story subjects I will consider doing include:

  • A story requested by a fan interested in seeing more of a minor character from one of my published works
  • A gift or tribute story where one or more of the characters is based on a real person
  • A sequel or spin-off to one of my published stories

I do not do ghost writing and am not interested in a collaboration or co-authorship. I retain all rights to stories that I write on commission, though I try to acknowledge the person commissioning the piece wherever appropriate.

Send me an e-mail at lindsay@lindsayschopfer.com with the subject “Short Story Commission Query” if you want to propose a short story commission.

You can also check out my Fan Patreon Page to submit and vote on ideas for future short stories.

Fan Patreon Page