Lindsay’s Bio

Lindsay Schopfer started writing at an early age and was considered by some to be a child prodigy. In high school, he wrote and performed six of his own full length plays, demonstrating an early insight into human nature and the craft of storytelling. After high school, he left his home for two years to serve as a missionary and volunteer counselor to the Navajo Indians in New Mexico. After his time on the reservation, he found that he could no longer write the simplistic plots and characters that he had used before. He’d seen too much, felt too much.

Switching from the stage to the page, Lindsay’s wrote Lost Under Two Moons, a sci-fi survivalist novel following the adventures of a young man torn from Earth and teleported to a strange world with no companionship but a makeshift journal. His second novel, the steampunk adventure The Beast Hunter, took the simple premise of a professional monster hunter and became a story of social awakening in an insulated protagonist. Lindsay now focuses his time on writing short stories and sequels to his two novels while exploring new ways to share his stories with readers seeking fantasy adventure with insights to the human condition.