Lindsay’s Guild of Adventurers Q&A

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Q: What is the Guild of Adventurers?

A: The Guild is my street team, a group of my biggest fans who volunteer their time to share my stories with their family, friends, and anyone else that might enjoy them.

Q: What do they do?

A: Members of my Guild have a variety of things that they can do to help share my stories. Here are the most important ones:

  1. At least once a year, they read one of my books and post a written review of it on Amazon and/or Goodreads. I realize that this means that I will need to produce at least one book a year, but if my fans are willing to do their part, I’ll do mine. 🙂
  2. Members join one or more of the following groups and then post to that group at least once a quarter:
    1. The Fans of Lindsay Schopfer Facebook Group
    2. The Fans of Lindsay Schopfer Goodreads Group
  3. At least once a quarter, members do one of the following:
    1. Gift or loan out a copy of one of my books to a friend or family member
    2. Go to their local library or book store and request one of my books
    3. Post a link on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) to one of my books
    4. Participate in or initiate a special project among Guild members to help spread the word about my books

Q: What do they get out of it?

A: Fans join the Guild because they have a genuine desire to share the stories that I’ve worked so hard to create. As a sign of appreciation, each new Guild member receives a free copy of the Keltin Moore short story Loss of a Legend once they’ve done one or more of the above activities. Guild members also get perks like first-look at new book covers, an invitation to participate in beta reads, and the chance to sit at my author table at Cons and other book-selling events.

Q: How do I join?

A: Just click the following link to join the Guild of Adventurers mailing list

CLICK HERE to join my Guild of Adventurers Mailing List

Q: I’m not interested in being in the Guild, but I’d still like to help. What can I do?

A: Even if you’re not in the Guild, doing any of the above activities would be wonderfully helpful. If you want to do more, I do have a Patreon account for those folks who would like to help with the many costs that come with being an independent author such as printing books, travel expenses for author appearances, and hiring professional cover artists. Those who pledge can also receive complimentary gifts such as free books and other goodies.

Q: What were those links again?

My Guild of Adventurers Mailing List

My Patreon Page