Creative Writing Classes

Live Classes through South Puget Sound Community College (Lacey Washington campus) 

A Novel in Four Drafts: Thursdays, June 22 – July 13

Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction: Thursdays, July 27 – August 17

Crafting a Complete Story: Tuesdays, September 5-26

Finding Your Writing Process: Tuesdays, November 7-28

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Online Classes through Contemporary Romance Writers (non-chapter members welcome)

A Novel in Four Drafts: Tuesdays, July 11 – August 1, 2017

Finding Your Writing Process: Tuesdays, August 8-29, 2017

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All-day Writing Workshops with Terry Persun and Lindsay Schopfer

How to Write Fantasy and Science Fiction: Saturday, September 23, 2017

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What Facebook and Twitter are saying about Lindsay’s classes…

“Terrific workshop on characterization, Lindsay. Thanks–learned a lot.”

“Your class was an inspiration.”

“@LindsaySchopfer says cliches are “like little flags saying ‘you could be original here!’” which is my new fave definition.”

“Thank you @LindsaySchopfer – loved the motivation exercise in your session today! Learned a ton!”

“@LindsaySchopfer Loved your class today, thanks for sharing the knowledge.”

“@LindsaySchopfer This was my favorite workshop of the day! Take his workshops people!!”