Creative Writing Classes

I’m currently teaching creative writing classes for the continuing education program at South Puget Sound Community College. Each of my four-week courses are open to the public and are $85 per student.

Click here for the complete schedule of my classes at SPSCC

You can also click the link below for a complete list of all of my currently available workshops and classes.

My Creative Writing Class Catalog

What Facebook and Twitter are saying about Lindsay’s classes…

“Terrific workshop on characterization, Lindsay. Thanks–learned a lot.”

“Your class was an inspiration.”

“@LindsaySchopfer says cliches are “like little flags saying ‘you could be original here!’” which is my new fave definition.”

“Thank you @LindsaySchopfer – loved the motivation exercise in your session today! Learned a ton!”

“@LindsaySchopfer Loved your class today, thanks for sharing the knowledge.”

“@LindsaySchopfer This was my favorite workshop of the day! Take his workshops people!!”